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May 24th, 2011

08:26 pm - The precious needs a new home :-(
Here is what I've got. The poor things are not loved enough here, so they need to to be relocated to a loving home. Please dont let my babies be left unloved. :-(
(b/u)= back up. Not even opened to sniff.

Sunbird Set $50 or $25 individually (b/u)
CD:Antonino The Carny Talker $15
CD:Inez $22.50 (b/u)
CD:Daiyu ~1 imp in bottle $5
CD:Parthenope ~1/2 imp in bottle $4
CD:Eisheth Zenunim ~1/2 imp $4
Sol Ivictus ~1 imp in bottle $5
B340 $14
Beaver Moon 07 $19
Marshmallow Pumpkin $21 (b/u)
Giallo $21 (b/u)
Milk Chocolate Buttercream $20
Schwarzer Mond 08 $19 (b/u)
The Harp of Cnoc Ichosgair $18
Candy Phoenix ~80-75% $16
Defututa ~80% $15
Bread & Butterfly ~90% $16
The Desserted Village ~95% $15
Lady Lillith ~70% $16
The District:Lulu -2 imps $15
Peach Moon ~90% $18

Shipping and all that jazz is $3 and that includes DC# for both our benefit.

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June 5th, 2010

05:43 pm - Writer's Block: Nature v. nurture
In your opinion, how much of our personality is genetic, and how much is shaped by environmental factors?

IMHO its 50-50. One is not more important than the other. BUt they are both equally powerful in defining an individual.

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August 1st, 2004

02:03 am - Apathy to the fullest....and boy, does it ever go away?
I can only hope, right? Lately,I've just not felt quite driven, I have no desire to do anything.I guess this thing about doing a job b/c you need it and need the money really takes a toll on you! Seriously, why nobody told me the real world was a stinker?! Goodness you would think if they ask for so many credits when u r at college, for a freaking degree they would at least have the courtesy of forcing you to take a class called "What no one wants you to know of life after college." and "...can you blame them?" Oh well life goes on, and hopefully it gets better (well i have to beleive in somethign right?!)
On the other hand OSTLH is still in the drawer...or hadr drive however u like. I must admit that I really need to push myself and finish it b/c so far this unfinished business is not making me happy. I've never been a quitter so u know why this bothers me. I wonder if my favorite authors ever feel this way when they are writing...*food for thought*
I am also impatiently waiting for Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon, which I've pre-ordered from Amazon, but Amazon, being as difficult as it is, wants to ship after Aug-3...and they have the book in stock at the moment...the jerks.

And on a final note my recomendations for movies to see are:
1) The Bourne Supremacy: Boy! Is that Matt Damon HOT or what! And the movie is great too...Although the books and the movies are nothign alike, so I'm definitely adding the "Bourne" books into my pile to read.
2) Farenheit 9/11: very controversial, very thought provoking. Even if you dont agree with what M Moore has to say, go and see it...then form an opinion.
It doesnt matter what side you stand, as long as you stand in one.
Well kids, have fun!
Blessed be,
Current Mood: apatheticapathetic
Current Music: Sister Scisors: Take your mama

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July 11th, 2004

01:24 am - Finally....
And finally I'm back...boy am i lazy. I've always been thats something i dont hide from, but since my (not so beloved at this point) compueter (aka Tristan) decided to fail me and damage his own motherboard, i've become increasingly more lazy, or at least i have an excuse for not writing.
Truth be told, yes my computer is f***** but nonetheless I could have writen before given that Tristan still works, mind u not the best way and soemdays he simply wont wake up, but most days he does...of course he shuts down on his own to take "naps" but I could have writen something in a few short minutes...enough babling...now to the heart of the matter.
I havent done sh*t with OSTLH ch 7...dont get me wrong, it is writen but i need to fix the format of the dialogue. Now this takes major time and I'm Tristant wont stand to do it all in one sitting, but I will tru to fix it and send it to beta... I just hope Melissa D or Pixie will still be able to fix my wreck.
I have to be honest I'm a bit dissapointed with OSTLH, not so much for the response, I think for a 1st time fic the response has been fantastic (so clap clap to all of you that have commented/read/and given contructive criticism, really lovely of you and you are the only reason I still worried at all to keep writing and fixing my fic), I'm dissapointed with myself. Somewhere along the way I completetly lost interest in OSTLH. I hate it really b/c that is my baby, and its so mcuh part of me. I've always loved writing, and this fic represents more than u can imagine it, being my 1st attempt at lengthy writing, as well as story telling/narrating/fiction. I think this fic could have been so much better, and maybe somewhere deep inside me I was wishing that what came of of my imagination and typing was the biggest, bestest (i know its not a word, so back off), fan fic writen so far. Thats my problem, always high expectations (good for soemthings, very bad for others).
Anyway, after telling all of you (however few or many u r) about one of my best hidden desires, I feel like I just should shut up... so I will.
That was the update for now. I will try to update sooner with a wonderful morsel of ch 7 of OSTLH, so stay tuned kids.
Blessed be,

PS.Wish me the best as I have a job interview soon and a job offer on its way (thats 2 separate jobs) and they r both so much better than what I have now *crossing fingers*

Oh and on a very happy note, the new Dark Hunter book of Sherrilyn Kenyon, Vane's story (Were Hunter) hits shelved Aug 3rd and I simply can not wait longer for this book...I've already waited a year and thats enough if u ask me...I think I might have it expressed delivered ....hmmmm... (so if u like romance and paranormal this is most definitely the book for you...actually the series for you, so make sure to check out her web page which is: www.hunterlegends.com and make sure u have fun there. There's tons to do and plenty of hot guys to oggle at!!!
Well that's all folks...oh and on a last note, I'm leaving tomorrow for vacations (3 days only but soemthign is something)..ok ok now i'm leaving
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Let's get retardet by Black Eye Peas (BEP)

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February 22nd, 2004

11:17 pm - It's Officially OVER!!!
Well, people, the waterworks are off.

I can not beleive it. The final episode was fantastic, beautiful...a masterpiece for TV.
After 6 fantastic seasons of teaching and entertainment, the show that pushed boundaries and that taught me so much about sex, love and relationships, and that being an independant woman was more than fine (and did not qualify me as a BITCH!) S&C is over.
Please lets take a moment of silence to reflect................................................................................................................................................................................
I'm still sad!

PS. Thanks for those who DO read! You make my day!
Current Mood: crushedcrushed
Current Music: Sex and the City

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February 15th, 2004

11:33 pm - Hmmm...wondering.
Is anyone there?!
Is actually anyone reading this stupid journal?

Hullo.......*echoes* hullo....ullo...llo.......

Hmm I guess not. Oh well, at least I wont have to worry about sayign sothing soemone might take teh wrong way.
FOr the life of me I cant type today.
Anyways, finally FA posted ch 6 of OSTLH http://www.astronomytower.org/authorLinks/Cedric_Diggory/Of_Serpent_Tongues_And_Lion_Hearts/
Be sure to check it out, Air.

I'm currently in mourning. My one of my favorite shows, Sex and the City, is almost over. The final episode is next Sund, Feb 22nd. I cried today and beleive me, I will be like a baby next Sund. This is so bad, but why would anyone want to cancel a show as good as Sex and the City. This is only its 7th season, couldnt they wait until the 10th one, like Friends, at least I would be more ready!
Oh yeah, Happy *belated* Valentines' Day. I dont like that day, but a lot of ppl do, so hope you enjoyed it...if there's someone reading this.
I'm out!
Current Mood: sadsad

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February 10th, 2004

12:26 pm - The longest break
Hullo ppl. This si the second time I try to post today. Dont ask me whatever happend to the 1st entry, and since I'm new to this whole LJ thing, u might have to forgive me.
Well I have 2 hours of lunch break today, because this trainning is not going according to plan...and I most add, this is becoming a waste of my time...but hey! the easiest earned money of my life!
Anyways, after many, many hours of fixing, betaing, fixing again bad moods and way too much time wasted, FA has (graciously...*please insert heavy sarcasm here* ) decided to post ch 6, titled "Code 503". That, of course, only happened after my lovely friend Pixiezombie (the also fantastic author of Adamo Fidelitas) and her friend Kat, whom I'm in complete debt since she barely knows me, yet she had no problem extensively helping Pixie to beta my ENTIRE fic! Thank yu, thank you, thank you!
Of course I sent a sarcastic note to the FA mods telling giving them a piece of my mind (yet not insulting). I also told them that if my 3 betas for ch 6, which are all respected adn famous authors in the HP fan fic world, could not encounter any more problems with the chapter, I had no clue what type of grammar they were basing their editing in!
OK enough, for alll of you who still are in dying need to read a bit of OSTLH ch 6 I will be postign a little excerpt of ch 6 when I get home (after 5 pm).
Later fantastic people!
Current Mood: bitchybitchy
Current Music: Ednita Nazario " Accustic" disc 2

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February 9th, 2004

09:47 pm - Welcome to my madness
Hullo everyone.
Finally I have a place where I can vent all I want and write anyhting (crappy or not!) I wish.
Today was very unsuccesful. I had trainnin at my new job, which pretty much proved to be a waste of time! But alas, a job is a job and I need the money as much as the experience, needless to say the benefits (ppl getting sick nowdays is NOT cheap).
Of Serpent Tongues and Lion Hearts Ch 6 has proven to be a challenge. No, I didn't take long to write it, since it was already done. Problem was after i fixed it, sent it to my always great beta Melissa D, got it back, fixed it again, and submitted to FA, I got rejected...not one...not twice...not three times...Noooooooooo, I had to be rejected around 5-7 times (sorry one tends to loose count after the 3rd time!
I'm pissed as hell!
Mel got some computer issued, hence I asked a great friend of mine, and fantastic writer, Pixiezombie, to, as a favor, beta ch 6. She agreed...and I'm so glad she did. This time I was confident FA would accept the ch...boy was I wrong! I got rejected...AGAIN!
SO you can imagine how I'm feeling at the moment. I'm tired, frustrated adn certainly pissed off. I'm about to send the FA mods to take a looooooong trip... and not to a nice place...although to be objective, they probably have nothign to do with it. But since last I checked, which was around 5pm, I am human, I'm blaming it all on them.
So if you've been waiting way too long for ch 6 of OSTLH, you know who the letters should be addressed to! (Yes! Letters! You know, those things that you take a piece of paper, write something in it, fold it, place it in an envelope, adress it and put a stamp on it...and then you put it in a mail box?! Remember?! ... ... ... No? OK.
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
Current Music: light my fire, Will Young version.

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